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General Items:

Personal items & material culture: Carpetbags | Trunks | Plates, Glasses, Cutlery and Other Tablewear | Reproduction Bottles | Stationery, Reproduction Books, Product Labels, and Reproduction Newspapers | Furniture and Bedding | Miscellaneous Gear


Carpetbags and Carpet:

Lisa Pace
Phone: (256) 382-6035
E-mail: GPace16844@aol.com

Lisa Pace uses reproduction ingrain carpet from Pat Kline for her carpetbags.


The Trunk Shoppe
3761 Highway 92
Crawford, Colorado 81415
Phone: (970) 921-4770
Fax: (970) 921-4771

Plates, Glasses, Cutlery, and Other Tablewear:

P. Palmer's Dry Goods Store-Seth Magosky
E-mail: info@Historic-Impressions.com

Bill MacIntosh
E-mail: macsjunk@hotmail.com

Bill "Mac" MacIntosh offers original plates, decanters, etc. at an affordable price.

James Townsend
: http://www.jastown.com
E-mail: jastown@jastown.com

James Townsend offers a nice early bone handled fork and knife set, wooden bowl, spoon, and ladle.

Wooded Hamlet Designs
4044 Coseytown Rd.
Greencastle, PA 17225-9677
E-mail: trims@woodedhamlet.com

Wooded Hamlet offers four types of crystal goblets that one may like to have at home or at a low key living history.

Reproduction Bottles:

Dog River Glassworks
Website: http://www.dogriverglassworks.com/
E-mail: Wrosecrans@aol.com

Reproduction Boxes:

John Maki
Phone: (660) 259-2062

Website: http://www.dogriverglassworks.com/ At the bottom of home page.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill
3501 Lexington Road
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
800 734-5611

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill offers different sizes of oval shaped boxes that were common in all mid-nineteenth century homes.

Colonial Williamsburg Marketplace
Phone number: 1-800-414-6291
E-mail: catalog@cwf.org

Colonial Williamsburg's pantry boxes are another alternative for the oval shaped boxes that were commonly used for storage in the mid-19th century.

Stationery, Reproduction Books, Product Labels and Reproduction Newspapers :

Sullivan Press
P.O. Box 407
3405 Main Street
Morgantown, PA 19543-0407
E-mail: owner@sullivanpress.com

Sullivan Press offers a various assortment of reproduction items that include product labels, books and novels, quality fascimile money, songbooks, among a multitude of other items that are useful for rounding out a 1860s impression.

Mrs. Christen's Miscellanea
28078 Universal Dr.
Warren, MI 48092
Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~gchristen/Catalog.html

E-mail: gwjchris@earthlink.net

Among other items, Glenna Jo Christen offers reproduction and antique books useful for reading at events or home.

Ragged Soldier Sutlery
Order Department
P.O. Box 10311
Burke, VA 22009-0311


Virginia and Michael Mescher offer several fascimile reproductions of 19th century books, most of which relate to the period of 1829-1865.

Reproduction newspapers can be gathered at any Civil War themed National Park Service site. Most of the time, however, they are Harpers Weekly. If looking for a Southern newspaper you may have to look harder.

Furniture and Bedding:

Family Heirloom Weavers
775 Meadowview Drive
Red Lion, PA 17356
Website: http://www.familyheriloomweavers.com
E-mail: pdk62@mailstation.com

Quality reproduction coverlets and blankets are offered by Pat Kline. During the war, some Southerners began to use carpets for blankets, so a carpet blanket would not be faux pas for your impression.

Dog River Glassworks
Website: http://www.dogriverglassworks.com/

E-mail: Wrosecrans@aol.com

The same company mentioned for reproduction bottles also offers various styles of lighting for historic interiors.

Miscellaneous gear:

John Peterson
Otter Creek Tinware
26 Carver Street
Brandon, VT 05733
Website: http://www.sover.net/~ottertin/ottertin/octinw1.html

John Peterson offers a nice tin wash basin, which people who must have a bath may find handy. Also offered is a tin reflector oven that many 19th century kitchens possessed.