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Wet Plate Collodion Images


Emmanuel Dabney, Jessica Wise, and Erik Bernier at McDowell 2001

Laurie Brown, Bob Brown & Emmanuel Dabney - McDowell May 2001 by Bob Szabo

Vince Petty & Emmanuel Dabney Grant vs Lee, June 1999,by Bob Szabo.

Cheryl Parlati at McDowell 2001, by Bob Szabo

Colleen Formby knitting at McDowell 2001, by Bob Szabo

Ashley & Kathleen Jackson and their sons Daniel and Forrest, members of AGSAS's sister organization the Eno Soldiers Relief Society, with 5th Battalion colleauge Sean Pridgeon, McDowell 2001. Photo by Bob Szabo

Jessica Wise, McDowell 2001, by Bob Szabo

Ambrotype of Kathryn Coombs & Jeff Smith, Gettysburg 2001, by Bob Szabo

Anita Henderson and Karin Timour with Federal army at Bentonville, 2000, by Bob Szabo