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Past AGSAS Events >  2002 Events > Harper's Ferry Election Day

Harper's Ferry Election Day
October 2002
National Park Service Living History
(see pictures from previous years: 2001 and 2000 for a better idea of what this event is about)

(please note: the pictures with the styrofoam cups are from the "cast party" AFTER the event......!)

Terry Olszowy (AGSAS friend from Michigan) and Bev Heath

Pete Geiger and Laurie Brown

Temperance Rally

Laurie and Bob Brown with friend

Anita Henderson

Krystie Walker and Vince Petty

Anita Henderson, Jeff Smith, Kathryn Coombs, Kyrstie Walker

Kathryn Coombs and Jeff Smith

Laurie and Bob Brown

Anita Henderson, Jeff Smith, Kathryn Coombs