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Past Events > Photo Album > 2001 Photos

2001 Events:
(click on the links for photographs)

Endview Living History, Newport News, VA, April 2001
Small AGSAS-organized event. Scenario was late April, 1865, immediately after the surrender at Appomattox. Event illustrated coping with shortages, deaths in the family, unscruplous "carpetbagger" peddlers beginning to invade the South, soldiers returning home, refugee families returning home. During non-first person segment of event, we held a first person skills workshop.

Battle of McDowell Reenactment, VA, May 2001
Premier biennial 5th Battalion event, civilian coordination provided by AGSAS. Semi-immersion with limited civilian participation, portraying the citizenry of McDowell and surrounding areas of Highland County during the May, 1862 battle. Visit the 2001 event civilian website to get an idea of the type of portrayals.

Virginia Quilt Museum Living History, Harrisonburg, VA June, 2001
One day event at Virginia Quilt Museum, at which we finished the quilting on the 2000-2001 AGSAS quilt, a hexagon template quilt using period reproduction fabrics. Museum provided lunch of typical Southern soldiers' field foods.

Stonewall Brigade Military Muster, Sky Meadows State Park, Paris, VA, June 2001
Joint 5th Battalion and Stonewall Brigade early War (pre-Manassas) event. AGSAS provided the civilian component. Portrayal was the Settle family of Mount Bleak House, and their relatives and neighbors, hosting a military encampment on their land.

Basket Making and Applique Workshop, Staunton, VA July, 2001
Two day workshop led by Catherine Thornton. On day 1, we made market baskets using oak splits. On day 2, we learned applique, for our next 2002-2003 quilt, copied from an original made in the Shenandoah Valley in 1857.

Meadow Farm Living History, Richmond, VA, August, 2001
Small AGSAS-organized event, featured sale of the remaining items from our Soldier's Aid "Fancy Fair" held at Lynchburg the previous year to raise money for preservation, and hands-on experience in open hearth cooking, led by Anita Henderson and Beverly Heath.

Battle of Burkittsville / Crampton's Gap Reenactment, September 2001
Semi-immersion first person event, portraying the townspeople of Burkittsville in the prelude to, and aftermath of the Battle of Crampton's Gap. Event included all-night hospital scenario and a functioning period general store.

Election Day 1860, Harper's Ferry, WV, October, 2001
Event depicted election day 1860: electioneering among the supporters of Bell, Breckinridge and Douglas, civilian life in Western Virginia on the eve of War.

Soldiers & Civilians, Bennett Place, NC, November 2001
Event depicted civilian life in North Carolina at the end of the War, prior to Johnston's surrender at Bennett Place. Event provides ample opportunity for practicing period crafts such as spinning, dyeing, candle and soap making.

City Point NPS Living History, VA, December, 2001
Event depicted Federal occupation and impact on local residents.

Endview, Newport News VA, April 2001

Grace Brooks, Erik Bernier, Jessica Wise
and Victoria Kent

Bev Heath, Grace Brooks, Erik Bernier,
Jessica Wise and Victoria Kent,
sewing and chatting on the back steps

McDowell, VA, May 2001
Click here for McDowell event photos

Quilt Museum Living History, Harrisonburg, VA, June 2001

Kathryn Coombs & Laurie Brown

Burkittsville, MD, September 2001
B'ville2.JPG (93332 bytes)
Civilians greet the Federal cavalry.
"Abby Fairfax" (Anita Henderson), and
"Maggie Ryan Meyer" (Kathryn Coombs),
whose husbands are civilian employees
at the Federal cavalry depot at Giesboro,
feed apples to the horses.

B'ville5.JPG (119267 bytes)
Townspeople of Burkittsville greet Federal army
and thank them from liberating their town
from Confederate occupation.

B'ville8.JPG (91316 bytes)
Civilians outside the general store.
Mary Roman, our beloved late friend
Grace Brooks, Daniel Jackson, Mercy Bell
and others.

B'ville7.JPG (120453 bytes)
Civilians outside the general store (closeup)

Election Day 1860, Harper's Ferry, WV, October 2001
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"Soldiers and Civilians: Life on the Homefront" -- Bennett Place, NC, November, 2001
Click here for Bennett Place photos

National Park Service Living History, City Point, VA December 2001

Anita Henderson, Emmanuel Dabney,
Joyce Henry

Federals take Emmanuel!

Anita, portraying Emmanuel's mother,
gives the Yankees "What for"
(don't EVER get on Anita's bad side!)

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