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Camping Skills & Coping with Weather:

Recreational camping did not come into vogue until AFTER the War, so the average civilian of the Civil War era would have little or no experience of camping, unless they had been to a religious "camp meeting" or had been pioneers migrating west.

In contrast, most reenacting events do not provide us the luxury of sleeping in period houses, so camping skills are needed.

Articles on this Website:

Articles / Resources On Other Sites:

  • Hot Weather Tips (by Virginia Mescher, from the 42nd Virginia website) (includes receipes for shrub & switchel)
  • The Art of Spooning (AGSAS article) (helpful if portraying a refugee in cold weather!) 
  • "Dressed for the Weather" - article by Glenna Jo Christen on her website, re: clothing for hot, cold and wet weather in the era.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Camping Skills & Coping with the Weather