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Popular Music of the Mid 19th Century:

Joanie Moses at Bushong Farm
Living History, 2003

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  • Mid 19th c. popular music / general info
  • Minstrel and minstrel-style music
  • African American musical traditions
  • Brass bands
  • Ballads and light classical music
  • Religious music
  • Patriotic Music, North & South
  • Period Musical Instruments & Playing Styles
  • Key Composers & Musicians

Tom & Rosemary Lather
(Potomac Thunder)

Key Off-Site Links:

Potomac Thunder -- Excellent period banjo and fiddle duo of husband and wife team of Tom and Rosemary Lather, our colleagues from the 16th Virginia Infantry. Click on the link for a sample of their music. Tom is a former winner of the annual Joel Sweeney Memorial Banjo Competition.

Authentic Campaigner Forum: Period Music Folder-- Online forum discussing various forms of popular music of the era, period instruments, key composers / performers, individual songs & pieces, etc.

Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection: at Johns Hopkins University. While the database covers 1780 to 1960, there is a substantial amount of material on this site relevant to music that was commonly known and part of the popular culture during the War years.