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Parlor, Card & Other Games:

Comic illustration from Maj. John Scott's
Partisan Life With Mosby (1867)

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(NOTE: other than Mike Mescher's site & the Regency games site, many of these sites cover parlor games that became popular AFTER our era as well as ones already in current use by the Civil War, so check documentation carefully).

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BIBLIOGRAPHY: Leisure & Pastimes

  • Mike Mescher's Parlour Games book (see description above)
  • The Sociable or 1001 Home Amusements, by George Arthur. (1858) Available in reproduction form from RaggedSoldier.com. To quote their website, "This reproduction is "the Bible" for home-grown entertainments. It contains parlor games, tableaux vivants, charades (not at all like the modern game), magic, and much more. 375 pages"
  • Parlett, David. A History of Card Games. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991.
  • Pool, Daniel. What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew. New York: Touchstone, 1993.
  • Samual Orchart Beeton, Beeton's Books of Games (Backgammon-Croquet), Beeton|2 volums|1866
  • George Frederick Pardon (aka Captain Rawdon Crawley), A Handbook of Draughts, Routledge|2nd ed. 1863|95 pp
  • George Frederick Pardon (aka Captain Rawdon Crawley), Backgammon: Its History and Practice, D. Bogue|1844|79 pp + 16 pp ads