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How To > Food & Food Packaging

Food and Food Packaging:

Brunswick Stew on 1850's dishes, at Cleydael 2003

Articles on this Website:

Food / Recipes

Foodways & Cooking Techniques:

  • Open Hearth Cooking & Implements
  • Eating by the Seasons -- foodways in the pre-refrigeration era
  • Elegant fare: foodways of the Southern upper classes
  • Is that food period?


  • Period Packaging and Bottles

Articles / Resources On Other Sites:

Food / Recipes:

Foodways & Cooking Techniques:

  • Food History News -- excellent newsletter and website.
  • Hog & Hominy: article by Vicki Rumble on her website regarding the typical diet of rural southerners in the 19th century


  • List of Links: Period Packaging and Bottles
  • Steamboat Arabia Museum
  • Steamboat Bertrand

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Food and Food Packaging

  • Reprinted facsimiles of period cookbooks from www.foodbooks.com
  • Nicky Hughes' article on period food packaging in Camp Chase Gazette