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Original Apparel: Clothing & Accessories:

View of Exterior
(Click picture for larger image)

View of ticking interior.
Interior side pockets close with
bone buttons
(Click picture for larger image)

Currently Featured Item:

Original carpetbag made of ingrain carpet, acquired by Kathryn Coombs at Richmond Civil War Relics Show, August 17, 2003.

Having been told by various folks "in the know" about period clothing and accessories that they'd never seen an original carpetbag made from ingrain, or anything other than Brussels carpet, Kathryn pretty much pounced on this one!

Reenactors have faced the tough decision of making carpet bags out of tapestry fabric broadly simulating the look of loop carpeting of the era, or making them in ingrain on the basis that it was at least a period form of carpet and might be plausible but absent any actual documentation.

Of course it is impossible to tell whether this bag dates from the Civil War era or not, but at least the design of the carpeting is plausible for the period as are the construction techniques.

The item was photographed with the permission of the dealer and was a part of a larger collection of CW and just post War carpetbags that he was selling for the estate of a collector. Upon discussion, he reduced his price significantly, so Kathryn bought the bag.

More pictures will be taken later, including a better shot of the lining showing the button closure interior pockets, the lock, handles and leather bottom.

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