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Membership Requirements:

For more information on AGSAS membership, please contact Membership Commitee Chairperson, Jessica Craig

Civilian Reenacting: Men, Women and Children

For more information on AGSAS membership, please contact the Membership Commitee Chairperson.

AGSAS members include men as well as women. A great many men did NOT serve in either army, either because of age or because their occupation exempted them. Others were invalided out of the military, or (in the north) were able to pay a substitute.

Although there are beginning to be more, male civilians are still underrepresented in reenacting. We do not believe that "civilian reenactors" should just be a code phrase for "wives and girlfriends of military reenactors stuck for something to do at events." We welcome authenticity-focused male civilians, and progressive military reenactors who would like to develop a civilian impression.

Our membership also includes families with children of all ages and we encourage families who want their children to grow up in the authentic side of the hobby to join us.


Representing the Demographics of the Mid 19th Century Citizenry

The slavery issue was undeniably a major factor in the War, yet African Americans are underrepresented in the hobby, particularly on the civilian side. AGSAS is one of the most racially diverse civilian living history groups in America. As well as portraying the more widely known aspects of the black experience during the era, e.g.fugitive slaves, the Underground Railroad and "contrabands of war", we also attempt to portray some of the lesser known aspects of mid-19th century black history -- the contributions of "Free Persons of Color", social class divisions between house servants vs field servants and African Americans of pro-Confederate as well as pro-Union sympathies -- to help counter the tendency to over-simplify the complex and nuanced situation of the era.

In order to create and portray an authentic portrait of the time period, our desire is to broaden our demographic base and recruit more African Americans, people of other ethnicities, young people, and more male reenactors of all races.

Our goal is to be as accurate as we can be, and to represent and honor all of the people of the mid-19th century in every way that we can. If this is your goal as well, please contact us - we would love to have you!