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Grace Brooks and Kathryn Coombs Awards:

Grace Brooks

The Grace Brooks Award is given in the memory of a young re-enactor who was killed in a sledding accident. The award is in the amount of $100.00 to enable one to attend a conference or workshop to increase their knowledge of the time period and thereby improve their impression.



Kathryn Coombs Award

The Kathryn Coombs Award is given in the memory of a much respected and beloved member and past president of AGSAS. She was a great mentor and was devoted to research and attention to historic detail and was willing to share her knowledge with others. This award is for $100.00 to assist one to attend a conference or workshop to improve their impression.


The criteria for being considered for either of these awards are:

1. A re-enactor between the ages of 18-27 for the Grace Brooks Awards and over the age of 27 for the Kathryn Coombs award.
2. A civilian re-enactor or a military re-enactor with a civilian impression.
3. A re-enactor who aspires to achieve a more authentic impression.

Re-enactors who wish to apply for these awards should write a brief essay telling us about themselves, what conference or workshop they wish to attend, what they wish to achieve in the hobby and submit it with a photograph of themselves in period civilian attire to the chair of the Awards Committee by May 1st. The essays will be read by the committee for us to choose the recipients. If all of the applicants are under the age of 27 or if they all are over the age of 27, two persons will be chosen so that each awards can be presented. The awards are to be issued by June 1st.

After the applicants attend their chosen conference or workshop they are to submit to AGSAS a report telling what they have learned and submit some pictures if possible.

Questions about either of the awards should be directed to the Awards Committee Chairperson Faith Hintzen.